Honest Review Honda Accord 2.4 L 2016

Honda Accord 2.4 L 2016


Not hard to recognize the overall design of the car carrying the familiar characteristic style of the eighth generation, but all individual details were changed completely. Strong first impression when standing in front of this model is the new design of ca-po wood higher with two lines embossed each side makes the first part of these vehicles and much more powerful. More respect for the looks she’s powerful border grille large bright metal, no good.

The front lights are now chic and modern look than with the projector bulb shape octagonal lens looks very fancy LED lighting the same during the day. LED technology is also equipped for the taillight, increases the appeal and ability to pay attention in emergency situations. The special attraction details in furniture is also the splints around the car body with a score of chrome plated, as emphasized in shape for sports when looking from any angle.


According to information from Honda, the design of the new Accord are adjusted based on its experience in sports car racing. The body on the car’s streamlined looks and the more you are beautiful, not only helps reduce wind resistance than previous generations, but also reduce noise and save more fuel. And this is also one of the main goals that the airline boasts mentioned under two from Earth Dreams put on the cover of the machine.

Honda’s mid-size sedan not only complete makeover that was edited in the suspension and power to operate the more smoothness.

Step into the inside of the car, eye catching interior with leather and soft tiles. The mattress slightly hard seats, but are high in back support part of bo and thigh, is the advantage to create comfort for people sitting on the long journey to the island or driving in rugged terrain.

With the click of button start and smart key in the package standard equipment, the car will automatically recognize the presence of a key in the car to be ready, rather than needing the operator must record find the key in the Pocket.


Like the previous generation, the rudder athletic design with extravagant turn of the main source of inspiration for those who love to drive. The center of the 1991-has a lot to two monitors, in which i-MID screen displays information about the parameters, install the system or integrated tv camera function from the camera back. The touch screen serves the entertainment system. Pity that, on a midsize sedan cars with nearly 1.5 billion like this devoid the automatic throttle control system (cruise control)-useful when technology goes


People sit on the back seat are care than previous generations. Sunny power control blinds in the back and manual control on either side of the window just created space cool, just created a private space on the roadmap. When only one or two people sitting, integrated hand reviews to map and click the control button entertainment system can flip down.

People behind can comfortably relax, enjoy a drink and a favorite entertainment channel selection. Like his opponent, niches contain the new Accord’s back seat hand Bhikkhu can open or both seats can be folded down later to accommodate bulky items to near 2 meters.


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